Right Brain Entry

They say that there are "left brain" people who use their brain to think about science and logic, and there are "right brain" people, like me, who use their brain to create doodles and have a mental battle over the mistakes between book-to-movie series. There are times, particularly through my time in high school and college, where I envied the Left Brain group. I feel like they have stuff figured out. Where I am spending way too much time contemplating whether my bright pink Post-It notes are professional enough for a 23 year old, they already wrote three memos, answered six emails, and completed a crossword puzzle. 

But I love being Right Brained. 

My life consists of everything Right Brained, so why wouldn't I love it. I just wish that it was easier to make up my mind as to how I want to spend my Right Brained life because, to be perfectly honest, I find myself  extremely scatter brained. My Pintrest page is perfect proof of it. (Shout out to all my Pin Addicts out there!) but I have well over the acceptable amount of pins of Pintrest. I can go on binges for hours. And can I say that there are few things better than searching through the abyss that is Pintrest for recipes for food that you have no intention of making when you're hungry? I will do that for hours. 

But Pintrest does perplex me sometimes. It makes me question my goals in life. Like this morning (and multiple mornings before) I got stuck in some home decorating fix that resulted in my putting a pretty good size dent in my "Nest" board and has now made me rethink my career as a Graphic Designer. I mean, should I have gone to school for Interior Design? Interior Architecture? Is it too late for me to go back to school for either? What if I just buy a house and redo it? Am I too young and irresponsible to buy a house? What about just building a house? 

And the questions can go on forever until I get sidetracked by cute clothes or coffee. But I digress. If you haven't checked out my Instagram or Pintrest yet, go take a look. If you're gone for more than 3 days we'll send a search party. 

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