Designer Problems

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. But when I'm running on "E", even with three cups of coffee (Life Juice) in me, it's a drag. It can go a little something like this:

Oh my goodness gracious, I'm tired.

"GAAAAHHH I don't want to drive to work"

Drive to work half asleep

Turn computer, printer, two other computers, and AC on

Sit there wondering why it's taking 5 years for your computer to start up

Finish first cup of coffee

Dig in bag for headphones

Realize you forgot your headphones

Make a mental note to ask your coworkers forgiveness because you will need to start singing along to your Spotify playlist and sometimes you're unaware as to how loud and out of tune you sing

Open emails

Die a little when you see that you have 20 unanswered emails

And of course by now your printer has gone into sleep mode and it takes 2 mins to warm back up

Get Emails done

Lose pen

Grab new pen

Sign three papers

Lose second pen (Good thing you have an entire drawer full #penhoarder)

Go to open InDesign file of last year's Catalog.

Find out it got corrupted by bad computer

Contemplate banging head against brick wall

Come to the realization that you will need to retype all of your text and pricing tables over again

Try not to fall asleep while reading through last years catalog text

Spend the next 4 hours rearranging your type because there is never an easy way to incorporate large, boring pricing tables in a non boring text type of way

By the end of the day you've got about half a page semi laid out 

Drive home

Watch Netflix and Drink wine

Go to bed


An yes, this is my Monday through Friday. Now when I have photos to edit, that usually takes up my lunch breaks but for the most part I am stuck in a vicious circle of editing and reediting type layouts and grids until frustration sets in and I have to move onto something else. But that's really my design process. This is the hardest part of doing anything like a catalog or any multi page document with sterile text and numbers.  

Now, when I was in college, typography was always my sore spot. There would be projects where it was fine and others when it was horrible. During those projects that took long nights and copious amounts of caffeine, I always through the typography to the wayside and I kick myself now for doing that because I still find myself finding it to be the struggle of all my projects. But I do think that because I struggle so much with it, I appreciate good typography more. Especially hand lettering! Sweet Jesus show me someone who can do amazing hand lettering or calligraphy and I can be entranced into a black pit of youtube videos. I am horrible at hand lettering. I've tried and I like doing it when it's going good, but it is usually ugly and disappointing. 

By the way is you want to know what I've been listening to on repeat all day, it is Zac Brown Band - I'll be your man. I'm in love with this song and will probably be singing along to it all the way home. 

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