Adult-ish Pt. 1: The Home Binder


Adult-ish Part 1

Design Work: The Home Binder

I am what most people consider an adult. Being 26, you are expected to have your shit together; taxes, medical insurance, owning a water filter, etc. But what people don’t tell you is “Adulating” is complicated. There was never a class in our high school on how to be a grown human. No one taught us how to organize receipts for our taxes or how to compare insurance quotes. Instead we were taught how to play dodge ball and spent most of our time avoiding failing math grades.

So, the first thing I’ve figured out about this “Adulting” stuff is that it is a whole lot easier when you are organized. Life is jumble of paperwork, numbers, and passwords that we need to keep stored either in our brains or in a file somewhere to be pulled out whenever called upon. Well, my over-hyper designer brain decided I had had enough of having everything spread out and in different piles to try to sort through (I don’t have time for that). I designed a Home Binder PDF. The Home Binder is made up of 27 worksheets that I can reprint and edit as needed and is all kept in one 3-ring binder (That I keep in a spot that I A. Wont Lose and B. Not out in the open)

The Home Binder PDF Includes:

  • Family Member Information

  • Contact Information

  • Emergency Information

  • Insurance Information

  • Date Reminders

  • Password Cheat Sheets

  • Monthly Bill Checker

  • Monthly Expense Worksheets

  • Savings Account Worksheets

  • Military Information Cheat Sheets (To keep track of all of my husband’s military information)

Now, some people might think I’m crazy. But, if you are like me and need to be an organized freak, email me here and I will customize this Home Binder PDF with your family name and page needs. Not Cost!

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