Through the Decades: Senior Project 2015

As one of my senior shows before graduating college, I decided to study something that always fascinated me; american culture and photography. Taking each decade of the 1900’s in the United States as references for each shoot, I sourced and staged each set to play up a different photography style. This project became my obsession for the final semester of my college career and I found that it was what made me fall in love with photography.

  • All were shot both digitally and film (the ones uploaded here are my digital shots only) and then printed professionally, small scale.

  • Models were sources locally. Wisconsin based.

  • Wardrobe: UWSP Drama department, thrift stores, or personal collection.

  • Locations: Varied with each shoot, but were all shot in Wisconsin between January 2015-May 2015.

Side Note: These two photos doubled as photos for a side project of mine for a 1930’s Smithsonian Exhibit Proposal!

Kaitlyn SmithComment