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September 22, 2o18 | The Story of K & K Continues…


at a glance

A small gathering of family and friends in our hometown of Ontario, WI, our ceremony was held at the amphitheater at Wildcat Mountain State Park at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on a day that was very un-Wisconsin like; 70 degrees and gorgeous in the middle of September.

Ceremony: Wildcat Mountain State Park

Reception: Cashton Community Hall

Lodging/Getting Ready: Logan Mill Lodge

Photography: Olivia Locascio Film and Photo

Bridal Gown: Charolette’s Bridal and Formal Wear

Groom’s Suit: Express

Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids Bridal and ASOS

Groomsmen Clothes: Vests = Amazon, the rest the groomsmen provided

Flowergirls’ Dresses: Amazon

Flowers: Village Market Floral

Music: Wickersheim Productions

Officiant: Malachi Emery

Catering: Heavenly Whites Cakes and Catering

Meet Our Wedding Party




#1 tip for making your wedding day go smoothly:

Have your entire wedding party get ready in one spot. We had our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding at Logan Mill Lodge. The building was converted into 3 condos, two of which we used for the wedding party and the 3rd we had for out of town guests. We were lucky enough to be able to book the whole building for the entire weekend, making everyone’s lives much easier.


Suround yourself with creative people

I am blessed to have so many creative souls at my disposal. My cousin customized these hangers, which were a part of the gifts I gave my bridesmaids, as well as some signage that we used for decorations.

Thanks you Casey Jo!

Check her our at @madmomcreations on Facebook


Don’t get hung up on the flowers.

I got quotes from almost 10 florists before I found one that wasn’t going to charge me a kidney for my wedding flowers. I ended up getting my flowers from a local grocery store. After sending in pictures of flowers I liked the florist asked me how set I was on the specific flowers in the picture. She showed me that if I were lenient on the specifics, she could save me more than 50% the cost of my formal flowers. I couldn’t have been happier with how the flowers turned out.

For the other flowers {centerpieces, garlands, arrangements, etc.} I bought bulk flowers from Sams Club. The trick with ordering bulk flowers from Sams Club is that they only have flowers that are in season in-stock and you can’t schedule a delivery until about two weeks before the delivery date. One thing to keep in mind about ordering flowers online is there will probably be a difference in color compared to the image online {I ordered “light peach” roses and ended up with more of an orange colored rose}. But, with all of that said, I was happy with what I was given. The bunches of greenery I ordered were huge and held way more than I had thought and the roses came beautifully. Make sure you look at the delivery and care instructions before you order and have some 5 gallon bucket handy.


If you’re not into cake, don’t spend $400 on cake.

Instead of ordering a super expensive cake that we probably wouldn’t like anyway, Kyle and I decided to order doughnuts from a local Amish bakery. We were able to order multiple flavors and varieties that made it easy for us to have alternatives for those with food sensitivities and preferences. Also, we didn’t have to pay for our caterer to cut and serve cake {yes, a “cake-cutting” fee is a thing}. In the end, we didn’t end up with a ton of leftovers, so they definitely went over great with our guests.


I loved our head Table.

The head table is usually not the detail that a couple is obsessed over. Instead of the common long, one-sided tables, we opted to have a family-style table. This made our wedding dinner a truly relaxing personal experience. Everyone was able to actually look and talk with each other. We ended up sitting on a sweetheart bench at the end of the table and had our groomsmen and bridesmaids sitting on opposite sides. Also, a little tip that made our lives so much easier: Have empty vases ready for the bouquets so they can A) Not laid down and crushed on the table and B) Act as the centerpieces. It was worth taking the time to make our head table part of our experience for the day.


This girl saved me from losing my fluffin’ mind!

Don’t forget to find someone outside of the wedding party to do all of the little things. I didn’t have a bridal assistant, really I didn’t plan on needing one. But, of course, my stubborn ways and endless planning still left holes in my schedule that I couldn’t fill. She covered everything from floral arrangements and center pieces to making sure the reception went smoothly. She was there when none of the boys could put on their boutonniere correctly and to carry messages back and forth between the bridesmaids’ and the groomsmen’s suites. I’m pretty sure she’s the only reason I didn’t have a complete panic attack and I am forever grateful for her.

Thank you Cherrine!!

Personalize your bridesmaids

I had 6 bridesmaids. These 6 girls could not be more different from each other and even though the whole concept of bridesmaids is to be an identical unit, I wanted each girl to 1) Be comfortable and 2) Show their personality. I had started off with giving them and idea of the dress and the color I liked, like every other bride usually does. Then I decided I didn’t care. They were told to find a gray long dress, then it turned into “find something close”. We ended up with three grey dresses, one blush colored, one champagne and one that was almost a light blue. It was a happy accident that all of the dresses, though they looked absolutely nothing alike, went together beautifully.

Flower girl dresses shouldn’t cost a ton.

I ordered the dresses for my flower girls from Amazon for about $20 a piece. I had priced similar dresses from a big bridal store for around $90 on sale. Given the shape of the dress and the fact that I wasn’t trying to match an shade of white these ended up working perfectly. I’m pretty sure one of them ended up covered in dirt and punch by the end of the night anyway so I’m glad we didn’t spend a fortune on them. And they made great flower girl gifts.


Embrace the small mistakes.

Kyle and I have a journal that we wrote our vows in. As we stood at the alter and I came time to say our vows, we realized we left the journal by our guest book by the entrance. We both stared at each other, then paused the ceremony to have our best man run back down the aisle to get the journal and bring it back to us. It made for a comedic relief and some awesome pictures and memories. Even though it wasn’t planned, we couldn’t have planned it any better if we tried.

Also, Thank You Olivia for capturing this moment.



The details no one notices.

One thing that I had to come to terms with right away was that no one was going to notice, or even care about all of the details you put into your wedding except you. Being the neurotic detail-oriented control freak I am, I had many subtle details incorporated into my wedding day that many people looked over. While we were engaged we have people constantly asking us what our theme was or what our colors were. The thought of people putting their wedding into such a controlled box didn’t make much sense to me, it made wedding planning seem so limited and confining. So here are some details our guests probably missed:

This was probably the most obvious. Kyle and I had our ceremony in the town where we grew up. But, what most people didn’t notice was that our ceremony location was our “something borrowed”. The spot where we got married was also the spot where my cousin and her husband got married 14 years prior.

Our flower girls wore olive branch crowns. The olive branch is meant to symbolize peace and the joining of two parties that were once separated. They were the extra pinch of good luck over our wedding.

I carried blue delphiniums in my bouquet. This one is a little corny, but this one is from a Nicolas Sparks movie that Kyle and I like to quote; The Choice. The character comes to visit his wife in the hospital and brings delphiniums thinking they are lilacs. Our favorite quote is when he tells her to “Bother me for the rest of my life”. We say it to each other on a regular basis.

I wore a lobster Alex and Ani bracelet that Kyle had bought for me. For those who don’t get the F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference; Lobsters choose one mate for life. So I’m his Lobster.

The other bracelet I wore was a golden knot. “Tying the Knot”…get it?

Our first dance song stemmed from our love of “House”. Yes, we are that couple that binge watch shows and become obsessed beyond all reason. During that end of our engagement, we were obsessed with “House”. We would take breaks from wedding planning and use the show to destress from the day. For those who don’t know, Hugh Laurie has some amazing music; very jazzy and he has an amazing voice.

This one only Kyle might have caught; I wore the same perfume that I wore on Kyle and I’s first date.

I am a military wife, but instead of have a red-white-and-blue wedding or making my groom wear his dress blues and melt in the hot sun, I opted to have military details mixed in through-out the festivities. I had his nametap Velcroed onto a ribbon I had tied around my bouquet. Also, instead of doing the usual “dollar dance” we did a donation dance where we raised money for a local veterans charity. I had planned on the flower girls using Kyles ACU caps as flower baskets, but I wasn’t going to argue with 2 year olds so they opted to be walked down the aisle by the ring bearer instead.

My groom was my “something blue”. While the rest of our groomsmen wore grey, Kyle wore a navy blue suit. We were a little worried how everything would look when put together, but it worked out in the end and made him stand out.

My dad walked me down the aisle to “Sweet Caroline”; a song that was always associated with my grandparents and the bar they owned. That bar was the center of our grandparents’ and parents’ friendships.

I pinned one of my late grandmother’s hummingbird pins to my bouquet as my “something old”. She had a collection of hummingbird pins that she always kept on her dresser. It was my simple way to bring her with me.

Our wedding programs were newspapers. Besides the fact that newspapers, coffee, and doughnuts are the perfect morning trio, the newspaper symbolized one of our beginnings. Before we started dating, we were friends, Kyle was a bartender and I would spend hours hanging out in the bar with him while he worked. I never was into spending my time drinking in a bar, so everyday after work I would pick up a newspaper and spend the afternoon sitting at the bar, doing the crossword and drinking coffee until Kyle got done with work. This habit continued through the early days of our relationship. The newspaper actually ended up being a huge hit with our guests. They liked that it included something to kill the downtime before and after dinner. I designed the newspaper myself and had them printed at a local printer. They were the most time consuming part of wedding planning, but it left us with a great way to remember the day.


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