Fawn Tracs Farmstead - Spring 2018


I have a friend who can make bread from scratch...

I know that for some of you that doesn't seem to be a big deal. It's just bread right? BUT, how many 25 year-olds in the United States can say with confidence that they can bake their own bread? It has become a normal thing for us to forget that we can do these kind of things. We can fend for ourselves. We can grow our own food. We can sew our own clothes. We can bake our own bread. These skills were once common knowledge. They were taught in schools and people everywhere weren't relying on Walmart and Target for all of our food and possessions. We are losing the knowledge of how to do these things. If all of a sudden, grocery stores weren't a thing any more, we would all starve. 

Now, I know that I am just as guilty as the rest of us. I can barely thread a needle and have killed every house plant I've ever owned. I can say that, now, I feel inadequate. And I want bread, but that's a whole other issue of mine that I am dealing with. But seriously, take the time to learn new things. Stop worrying about when you're going to find time to finish your newest Netflix series and bake some damn bread.   

Kaitlyn Smith2 Comments