Senior 2019 - Kelsey P


Dear Seniors:2019,


You make me feel old, being that I have been out of high school since 2011. With that being said, I still have a love of photography that draws me to you. And with me being that older and wiser, here is some advice for you: 

1. Actually print out your photos. It takes 3 seconds for your high school photos to be deleted forever and then you will never be able to look back at the awkward phases and the bad hair cuts. 

2. Do as much as you can, while you can. After school sporting events, clubs, and dances don't come around when your in the adult-land that will soon trap you. 

3. Don't dye your hair a crazy color before big high school moments: homecoming, prom, graduation. Because, if  you do, you will forever be reminded of the time you put blonde streaks in your hair before prom and had to dye your hair black to try to cover them up. Not that I would know anything about that. 
*cough cough lies cough cough*

4. Don't be quick to grow up. But, don't be afraid of it either. Life comes in chapters. Each with their own surprises and excitements. This is just the end of the first beginning. It doesn't end here. 

Kaitlyn SmithComment