The Diegels 10.07.17


As E.B.White would put it "You have been my friend...that in itself is a tremendous thing." I love these humans. They are a part of my small circle of people I keep and call mine. 6 years ago, I was graced with the lovely Lexi Fees as my college roommate. This insane creature announced that she loved cottage cheese and 90's country music on day one. I knew then that I had to forever ingrain her in my DNA of being. A month later, Cody Diegel came into our lives. Their story is one of great highs and lows. It does not start with them and wont end with them, as it should be. I am a better person for having both of them in my life and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you, Lex and Code, for allowing me to be there to witness your relationship from close up. It was a true joy of mine to behold every second of you two legally doing what already was: putting to paper the fact that you were each others' other. 

The Fees-Diegel wedding took place in the middle of a hurricane that vacated the city of New Orleans on October 7th, 2017. For those who didn't have the privilege to attend, know that you missed many moments of beauty in this 20 minute window of vows and rain. The amount of good luck hurricane Nate had brought to your lives is sure to allow for the long and happy life we all wish for you. Congratulations, my dears. I love you both. 


The face you make when you think you wrote the wrong last name down on your marriage certificate ^

Twins. In case anyone wasn't sure. 

The many faces of Lexi (Fees) Diegel. 

The face. 

Because why not? 

Swing dance lessons in the garden. 

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